Quality policy

The objective of CIKESA is to obtain benefits for:


• Our clients: supplying coffins that they require, based on the requirements set by them and their clients, being able to offer advice in each case due to our great experience and trajectory.


• Our workers and collaborators: offering them the opportunity to participate in the project with stability, security, training and the assurance that CIKESA will always value their initiatives to improve every day.


• Our company: that our products and services comply with all the regulations in force, both mandatory and voluntarily signed, that meet the needs of customers and whose manufacturing process is respectful of the environment, with special emphasis on control of waste and the optimal use of natural resources. The company will develop preventive systems for pollution cases.


• Our shareholders: so that your investment in CIKESA is profitable and you continue trusting in our company.

To achieve these business objectives, CIKESA recognizes Quality and Environmental Management as a strategic tool for the overall management of the company, which is why it has implemented a System based on the ISO9001: 2015 quality management and ISO standard. 14001: 2015 environmental management.

 The above objectives are specified annually through specific goals for the processes that CIKESA Management deems necessary, in order to achieve the overall continuous improvement of the System.

 These specific goals (or quality and environmental objectives) as well as their compliance are periodically reviewed and made known in their latest revision to all the company's components.