Ecological funerals?

Ecological funerals raise many questions, but the first answer is in the choice and quality of the coffin.

On the planet there are about 56 million annual deaths. Funerary practices have a real impact on the environment. In our country, the individual ecological approach has gradually affected all areas of our business and, in particular, our relationship with funerals. CIKESA as a manufacturer that operates nationally, has the duty to be environmentally responsible, both in its business management and during the development and manufacture of coffins, which respond better to the expectations of a market that requires ecological coffins. Our clients, the funeral homes, are as aware as we are and offer families options and advice.
Why the coffin has such a role in the elections of a funeral?

Whatever the preference of the funeral, it is the choice of the coffin which, of course, allows the first ecological gesture. During 2017, 38.43% of families opted for cremation and the rest for burial, it is expected that by 2025 cremation will reach 60% (Source: PANASEF). In both cases, the coffin is mandatory and participates in the environmental record of the funeral. The cremation generates a significant energy expenditure, however, from a socio-environmental point of view, it allows to "liberate the soil". It requires coffins with good mechanical resistance and good combustion performance. Burial, which allows organic disintegration without the expenditure of energy over a long period, requires coffins of lasting quality. Wood and its derivatives are still the most suitable material for both solutions.

How have our coffins evolved?

The use of fast-growing tree species, such as pine or poplar, allows better control of the impact of funerary carpentry on the forest resource.

The varnishes, responsible for the release of toxic products into the atmosphere (cremation) or the soil (burial), are being gradually replaced by water-based finishing products that have a much lower impact on the environment.

The little use of ornaments or these replaced by wooden ornaments or easily removable hardware before cremation, have made developing models more sober and a new aesthetic. The choice of a 100% biodegradable pillow for burial or cremation also improves the environmental balance, in this sense CIKESA has opted from the beginning in the use of cardboard pillows.

CIKESA and the ecological value of its manufacture

The manufacture of CIKESA, in addition to the quality standards it guarantees, is also an asset for the environment. The use of poplar and pine boards from controlled logging forests of our country, best meets the criteria of a manufacturing closest to our factory, leaving behind the manufacture of coffins with wood from distant countries.