Coffins manufacturer - Cikesa

CIKESA factory coffins for more than 30 years, was founded by entrepreneurs from the furniture design and manufacturing sector. The professionalism, innovation and constancy of your address are aspects that are transferred to your product.

Throughout all these years since its foundation, CIKESA has always invested in machinery and production processes to be at the forefront. Among its technological improvements, it is worth mentioning the installation of a UV drying tunnel that allows coffins to be provided in an agile and efficient manner, as well as one of a varnish installations designed for a sustainable production that respects the environment, where the chemical waste is managed through varnish treatment plants allow us a high efficiency in the management of these types of waste.

CIKESA has two fully connected production plants in Barcelona and Valencia, guaranteeing a manufacturing capacity of more than 30,000 coffins a year, offering response capacity and an integral service to its customers.